“Why Did I Stay?”

I’ve found myself desperately seeking validity,
“Why did I stay?”
Then I remember:

Connecting at every concert,
Striving to be every beacon I see,
Reconciling my relationship with the mirror,
Sharing and healing with my story,
Freeing myself of the weight of my mask,
Learning that I’m not alone,
Defining myself as a warrior,
Accepting the love I’ve deserved,
Embracing hair that is my own,
Surrounding myself in light,
Continuing to find calms in my chaos.



The calm can live alongside the chaos. Lighthouses survive overwhelming ocean waves and storms much like we do, even when we think we won’t. Some days we feel that darkness has dimmed our light, but like the lighthouse amongst the storm exemplifies, we can always find the calm in the chaos. Perhaps the chaos illuminates our calm, as lights seem to shine brighter in the dark. Take this as a reminder that even on our worst days, our beautiful lights are still standing, giving so much to the world.

A Strength that Compensates A Weakness

Despite all the mountains I struggle to love myself.
Loving others is easy, for their healing is my medicine.

While my visual glamor has diminished
My inner light has flourished.

My empathy is a spark
And my potential to love others is what will create a beacon.