“The Loneliness Comes In Waves”

The loneliness sometimes creeps back in, threatening like a storm approaching. But the strength of the storm depends on my reaction to the first rain drops, my perception of the clouds, the anticipation of what is to come. Lately, it monsoons on some days, then transforms to drizzle on others.
How can I stop the rain when I’ve become so accustomed to its presence? Why can’t I accept the sunshine behind the clouds until it hits me in such a way that it’s ecstasy? Everything affects us, so why do I continue to accept what hurts me and avoid what heals me? Why is darkness comforting but light frightening?



The calm can live alongside the chaos. Lighthouses survive overwhelming ocean waves and storms much like we do, even when we think we won’t. Some days we feel that darkness has dimmed our light, but like the lighthouse amongst the storm exemplifies, we can always find the calm in the chaos. Perhaps the chaos illuminates our calm, as lights seem to shine brighter in the dark. Take this as a reminder that even on our worst days, our beautiful lights are still standing, giving so much to the world.